The Pros and Cons of Live Streaming and Webinar Software

Here at Jeeni HQ we have been comparing and testing Live Streaming & Webinar Software to help our Independent Musicians and Performers Community Group. As part of raising money on Crowdcube we have been live-streaming musicians, performers and running live festivals to raise awareness about and our funding round.

If you want to see our pitch click HERE.

Facebook Website is the most obvious and easiest, but we found that it was limited in functionality and features and was extremely high risk in terms of the live stream being turned off completely by Facebook. We experienced this many times during testing and for Jeeni Live we could not take that risk.  

Here at Jeeni HQ, we had to look for an alternative so we tested Wirecast Studio, Open Broadcaster Studio, BeLive TV, Ecamm Live, Streamyard, Zoom and Crowdcast.

Wirecast Studio was really good, easy to use and with some great functions and features. However the cost had jumped up from $495 to $695 during Lockdown, so out of principle we decided not to use them believing they have jumped on the Covid 19 wave and are taking the piss.

Open Broadcaster Studio was absolutely brilliant, but you really need to be technically minded or have a least a week to learn the basics, functionality and features. In our opinion it is superb and would very much suit someone who wants to take up live streaming as a job. 10/10 and all for Free!!

BeLive TV offered three different plans which included Free Standard for $24.99 a month and Pro for $37.50 a month. We opted for the Standard package as the FREE package limits you to 3 shows a month. Absolutely brilliant package so easy to use, upload and stream live or pre-recorded videos in a few minutes. The Be Live Team responded to emails immediately and were super friendly. We highly recommend BeLive TV. 10/10

Ecamm Live also comes highly recommended and many of the reviews listed Ecamm as the very best. However it is Mac Only for $29.99, so we did not test it some team members use a PC, so out of the question. But worth a look if you are a Mac user.

Streamyard  offered three different plans: Free, Basic $20.00 a month and Pro £39.00 a month. It is very similar to BeLive TV, super simple to get started but very quickly you are forced to upgrade. So again we decided to not go with Streamyard on principle as we felt a hostage to fortune.

Zoom is mainly for calls, webinars and seminars – Not Appropriate  for streaming a live event. 0/10.

Crowdcast Live is $1068 so out of the question in terms of value for money. 4/10.

Live Leap is an automated system to share on social media. 

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