10 Reasons why the world needs Jeeni

My name is Mel Croucher. I’m a record producer and computer nerd. Over the years I’ve worked with a whole bunch of superstars like Prince, Frank Zappa and Eminem. In other words, I’ve been around successful musicians all my working life.

A few years back I was hearing from more and more artists how unhappy they were with the big streaming services. So I polled 4,200 of them about their Top-Ten Problems with Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, and the rest. The poll result was a shocker, and I asked a bunch of the best brains in the music business to help me create an ethical alternative. It’s taken us two years, and we call our alternative JEENI.

Here’s what the artists we polled told us, and here’s our Jeeni solution to their problems.

1 – Money. Artists get paid a pittance. Platforms like YouTube pay $0.00069 per view, so even 10,000 views earns us less than the cost of a pizza per month.
Jeeni solution. OK, we get it. You do all the hard work, so you deserve all the rewards. How about a Jeeni deal where you to keep 100% of all music sales, ticketing, and merchandise sold through our platform.

2 – Recognition. We try really hard, but streaming platforms just don’t get us more fans or recognition.
Jeeni solution. Right. Let’s make Jeeni an artist development platform. Our founder invented viral marketing in 1994. Then he achieved the world’s first million-user viral campaign. Now he’s designed all the tools you need to grow your fanbase and get recognition: all part of the Jeeni service.

3 – Communication. We don’t know the identity of who’s streaming our stuff, so we can’t get in direct contact with anyone who wants to know more about us.
Jeeni solution. OK. Here’s the deal. With Jeeni you get a built-in fan database to contact everyone who votes for you or likes your work, and you communicate direct with them as often as you like. Safely, legally and all opt-in.

4 – B*llsh*t. The big streaming platforms are full of it. We hate the adverts, we hate the artificial likes, we hate the paid-for recommendations, we hate the hype.
Jeeni solution. The answer to this is an ethical alternative. We guarantee Jeeni will stay advert-free. We pledge our charts are the result of democratic votes by real people. And we promise that all Jeeni content comes from genuine unpaid sources. Oh yeah, we’ll also pay our taxes in full, because we believe we should make a positive contribution to the society we live in.

5 – Rip Offs. We just can’t break through, and even when we think we’re making progress as artists we get ripped off.
Jeeni solution. Yep. The entertainment business has always been full of shysters. Let’s be honest here, the people behind Jeeni have all made it to the top somehow, and between us we’ve made every mistake in the book. Our mission is to help you achieve success and avoid the rip-offs. That’s why our Jeeni Mentors, Ambassadors and Masterclasses have joined forces to do exactly that.

6 – Choice. The big streaming services all offer similar content, dominated by the same big star names.
Jeeni solution. Agreed, so let’s ignore the content everyone else uses and leave our competitors to fight it out! Jeeni is designed for undiscovered artists to break through, based on talent alone, not ad-spend.

7 – Channels. My work doesn’t fit into mainstream channels. For example, what about channels for spoken-word?
Jeeni solution. No problem. Jeeni already has dedicated spoken-word channels for poetry, comedy, and voice actors, plus channels for entertainments ranging from dance to videogame soundtracks. And if we don’t already have a channel that suits your need … we’ll sit down and create it!

8 – Visibility. People either don’t know about our work, or can’t find it even if they do.
Jeeni solution. We’ve designed the smartest user interface we can. On Jeeni, you can search by name, type of channel, instrumentation, latest uploads, popularity, even by influences and heroes. But above all, our artists have complete control over publicising their own announcements to their specific Jeeni audience.

9 – Fakes. What’s the difference between the Jeeni Awards and the fake results dominated by celebrity voting?
Jeeni solution. Simple. Jeeni doesn’t have celebrity voting. Our Awards will always be based on one member – one vote. No ifs, no buts.

10 – Live performance. I’d like to stream an event, and charge people to watch it. Can Jeeni do that?
Jeeni solution. Um, not yet, but we’re working on it! Come on now, we’re not perfect, so we need your help.

Jeeni has returned to Crowdcube to raise more funds for helping new talent. Jeeni founding director Mel Croucher says, “We’re ahead of our original schedule, but there’s still so much more to do. We need to scale our online platform globally now and build our mass artist showcases. Jeeni raised £100K in 6 days and we’re working hard to get more investors on board. Then we can hit all our targets, and give our new artists the recognition they deserve.” If you want to see our pitch click HERE.

Published by Jeeni

I am a founding director of Jeeni. Jeeni is an online platform for independent musicians and performers. Jeeni is for everyone and anyone creative: musicians, voice-artists, performers, poets, singer-songwriters ... hey, the list is endless. We aim to connect, collaborate, share and support each other, while we have fun and make a real difference.

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