Jeeni’s Official Photographer is outstanding.

WOW check out Sharron Goodyear’s recent photo shoot with Suzy Bastone who lives in Brazil.

Sharron is an Award-Winning International Photographer and Film Maker, having won Fashion & Boudoir Photographer of the Year through the Master Photographer Association, Sharron has 14 years of industry experience.

Suzy Baston says: “A huge thank you to Sharron Goodyear Photographer for these amazing new business shots that made me feel just that. From the UK to Brazil, we had a wonderful ‘virtual shoot’ through FaceTime of all things! Social distancing to the extreme.

Who knew photos could be so wonderful in this way? I’d forgotten how fun photo shoots can be and wow, what a huge difference to my own poxy attempts. It certainly is testament to Sharron’s amazing talent. This wonderful woman is an international award-winning photographer known for creating empowering portraits of entrepreneurs to help them establish more visibility online. With her sense of integrity and personal shine she naturally possesses, she makes it so easy for us to ‘feel beautiful’ in our own skin. A part of confidence-building I shall forever stand by.”

Sharron specialises in working with entrepreneurs, musicians, performers and artists from around the world. Her photo-shoots are VIRTUAL, enabling her to work with a global client base, directly from her studio, helping us gain greater visibility on our social media as a result. Sharron is super-talented, very professional, has a real eye for positioning the camera, and has perfect attention to detail, the ideal combination of skills for Jeeni artists and performers.

Sharron says: “Being a photographer is a great privilege for me and it has given me the opportunity to document so many beautiful aspects of people’s life journeys. Some of these people are now great friends. I am lucky enough to say I am truly passionate about what I do.

Many people hide away from having their photographs taken because they don’t feel confident in how they look in front of the camera or don’t think they are photogenic. My mission is to change that belief and I want to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself.

The VIRTUAL sessions are incredibly good fun and very relaxed and I will give you lots of direction to help you feel at ease. At the time of booking, I will talk you through everything you need to know so there are no need for nerves – just excitement!

I can take a range of photos through an IPhone connection or Zoom, whatever you would prefer from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.”  

We highly recommend that you get your VIRTUAL shoot booked NOW. Check out Sharron

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