Top Ten Tips on How To Promote your Music Independently

Let’s set the scene. We believed there would be a load of “How to Videos…” giving expert advice to help musicians, artists and performers along their merry way. We thought just Google it and the rest would be simple. But the quality of what we have found raises the question, “how helpful are these videos really, and do musicians and performers use them”? Do these videos add real value?

To find out more, we’re asking the new 400 Unsigned Artist Community members what they think. Maybe they have found a video or a blog which changed their fortunes, and they are willing share and let us know why it had such an impact. Let’s see how far this forum opens new discussions and debate.

Having listened to Jasmine from Ditto in the video below, we started to think that our first job might be to start a discussion around “how to promote and market your work”.

So you don’t have to watch the whole 7 minute video, we have just listed the headlines to get a discussion going. (approx. 60 seconds read time)

1. Making great music, music always comes first.

2. Play as often as you can, make them remember you. Put on a killer live show and make an impact.

3. Start locally, go nationally and then head out on tour. Ed Sheeran says he played at least a thoiusand shows, before he became known in the music industry.

4. Create a website and build a mailing list – which links to your music, bio, promo images, tour dates, mailing list and sign-up form.

5. Get your social media sorted! Keep a consistent brand identity! Include competitions, polls, track snippets, press shots, backstage videos. Use targeted social adds, do not use mass advertising.

6. Check out what other successful performers are doing and learn from them, rather than starting from scratch.

7. Get your tracks PLAYLISTED.

8. Manage your own PR and contact journalists directly. Create an Electronic Press Kit, write a press release, upload your music, send to bloggers & journalists.

9. Surround yourself by the right people. Just because you are independent, that does not mean you have to do everything on your own.

10. Know your audience and focus on your niche!

So that’s it folks, let’s create our own list and add value to this vital conversation. If you would like to join the new Unsigned Artists Community check us out and send in a request to join today.

Published by Jeeni

I am a founding director of Jeeni. Jeeni is an online platform for independent musicians and performers. Jeeni is for everyone and anyone creative: musicians, voice-artists, performers, poets, singer-songwriters ... hey, the list is endless. We aim to connect, collaborate, share and support each other, while we have fun and make a real difference.

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