Stars back Jeeni streaming revolution!

Actor, singer, daughter of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the creators of the cult series Thunderbirds. Founder of, and fundraiser for children’s charities including Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Some stars are born, some are made, and some are just plain lucky. Dee Anderson is the daughter of Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, creators of the classic children’s show Thunderbirds, and she’s a singing and acting star in her own right. Now she’s helping the next generation of undiscovered talent as children’s ambassador for entertainment start-up Jeeni.

Jeeni is the ethical streamed music platform that gives back control to artists and audiences, and Dee Anderson joins a constellation of other stars and celebrities backing the project to boost the careers of talented kids. They include Tony Klinger, writer and director of The Who, movie ‘The Kids Are Alright’, media boss Roger Watson who has been responsible for 500 million record sales, and the woman who brought Apple Music to the world, Kelli Richards.

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